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Any tips to turn this wealth management internship at Bank of America into a full-time offer?

My tip would be to maintain strong connections with mentors/managers/etc. and continuously show interest in the firm’s missions and objectives.
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What's the average salary for a global banking and markets summer analyst at BAML?

Depending on if you're in IB, COO, or S&T your compensation is the equivalent to ~$65,000 per year not including any overtime worked.
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Is it true that BAML is a good option for kickstarting my career as a summer analyst?

Definitely true. The summer intern position will bring you an opportunity to work in a REAL world with lots of smart and nice coworkers. You will also expand your professional network and learn from experienced seniors, benefit from their advice as well. The working experience (though only a few ...
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What to expect in terms of work-life balance as a personal banker at Bank of America?

The work-life balance is very reasonable, depending on how dedicated you are. As a Personal Banker, there are goals with very handsome rewards attached to them. However, these goals are not easily attainable and require much effort to reach them. However, Bank of America is great with accommodati...
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If I were to spend the day as a business analyst at BAML, what could I expect?

It’s a lot of e-mails to make sure everything is right/following procedures. I do not talk to clients directly—only people within the bank or insurance companies. After I have checked everything, I create documents. There are some team meetings, but they’re usually one hour a week. There is very ...
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What to expect when it comes to work-life balance as a business analyst for Bank of America Merrill Lynch?

I have a lot of flexibility with my schedule as long as I work 40 hours, but again it depends on your department. If I work less, I’ll just let my manager know. I can work from home but I prefer to work in the office because I need two screens and I can get answers immediately if I need help. Usu...
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Any tips for turning this financial analyst internship at BAML into a full-time offer?

Your internship is like an extended interview. Be early to the office, in no rush to leave, well rested daily, positive attitude, willing to help on anything.
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How does a personal banker contribute to the mission of Bank of America Merrill Lynch?

Due to the strict divide between banking and investments, the merger between Bank of America and Merrill Lynch allowed the customer to keep their banking and investments in one convenient location but still serviced by each respective organization. A personal bankers role is to recognize an inves...
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What skills would you say helped you to succeed as a mortgage loan officer at BAML?

Mainly, good social skills, and second but very important, good analytical skills. Third, but not least, good time management.
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What skills can help me succeed as a business analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch?

Good time management skills, strong computer skills Excel,Microsoft suite ,Leadership skills,problem solving skills,researchingskills,analytical skills and team player skills. sometimes other work places asked for sql training. I didn't had to do that.
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What skills can help me succeed as an auditor at Bank of America?

The most important skills are being able to identify trends and solve problems. I realize that is a cliche answer and one you have heard from a number of people by now but it is true. Most of the work I do currently has no relation to the technical skills I acquired in school. However, the projec...
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What will I be doing as an operations analyst intern at Bank of America Merrill Lynch?

You will be assigned to 1 of 8 different operations groups at BAML. The job of an operations analyst at BAML is to work on the operations of the retail investing side of BAML (i.e. financial advisers) to make them compliant with the law and efficient. The processes that you will work on will grea...
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In what way does the work of an Operations Analyst Intern contribute to Bank of America Merrill Lynch's mission?

The program that BAML offers to TCNJ interns is actually fairly unique. During the internship you and your manager will find a process that can be improved, and you will be asked to create a solution for the company to make that process better. You may have other projects on the side, but this on...
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What level of work ownership/responsibility should I expect as a technology analyst intern at BofA Merrill Lynch?

In my experience, I had a lot of ownership in the sense that I was the only one working on the project besides checking in with my manager from time to time and getting occasional advice from other developers and business analysts. However, I won't say that I had complete creative ownership. How ...
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What does a relationship banker at Bank of America Merrill Lynch do?

You work solely for Bank of America, some branches have partners that work for Merrill Lynch that you work with for referrals of clients for investment assistance. A Relationship Banker is a lobby host, banker, and assistant to the branch management. You are responsible for assigning appointments...
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What can I expect from a typical work day as a relationship banker at BofA Merrill Lynch?

You have a ipad or tablet with appointments to start the day. You assign appointments first thing in the morning, you walk around the lobby once the branch opens and assist clients with any questions. Tellers call on you to add clients to the que to be seen by a banker if the clients need anythin...
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What skills helped you succeed as a relationship manager at BofA Merrill Lynch?

Outbound calling to the existing portfolio, great handle on details, love paperwork and follow through, knowledge of capital markets, external information about the credit rates and money movement environment. If you have never watched CNBC this job is not for you.
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What can I expect in terms of career progression in the relationship management team at BofA Merrill Lynch?

Excellent merit driven environment for salary, promotions and all of the like but as the title says RELATIONSHIPS MATTER. This is not for independent self promoters or people who do not like to collaborate.
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What was your experience like interning as a technology developer?

- The first few weeks were about getting to know the technology and framework the Bank used to develop their applications, getting to know the team and setting expectations about the internship. - After this learning phase, a typical day would be building up your project, coding up the modules t...
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Pointers for a candidate going into an interview for a technology developer intern role at BofA Merrill Lynch?

- The process typically begins with a phone interview where you'll be tested on basic computer science concepts like databases, data structures and object-oriented concepts from Java/Python. - On clearing the phone interview, you'll be flown into NYC for a Super Day where you'll be going through ...
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