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What sort of work ownership do pharmacy techs have at CVS? How does this compare to other jobs you've had at other pharmacies?

As a pharmacy technician you are multitasking every second you are working, and because of the high demands on the pharmacist, the technicians must take initiative, and responsibility of their own work. They work closely with the customers, doctor’s offices and insurance companies, and should exp...
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For an interview for a Customer Service Associate at CVS, what are the more important things to say?

CVS Pharmacy, as with any retail entity, is primarily focused on their customers from delighting each person the second they walk in the door to a post-purchase email follow up with a coupon to return. As for the main qualities CVS managers typically seek, it is crucial to be personable and frien...
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Do CVS cash register associates have to work very long shifts? Will I have enough time to focus on my studies?

If you are a full-time student, working at CVS can be quite difficult. After the interview, I was under the impression that I would be working around 15 hours a week, and 20 hours maximum. However, after becoming a member of the team, I was worked between 20 and 25 hours on average most weeks. Be...
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Any tips for an interview with CVS for a Shift Supervisor role?

A few tips that I'd like to share is that the job requires you to so a lot of work, and multitasking is very important. Therefore you should come off during the interview as energetic and capable of balancing a lot of different activities at once. Other than that, the questions will be focused on...
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What's the average day for a Stocker at CVS?

You would clock in, like any other job and review the tasks that are assigned to you by the supervisors who are on duty. This mainly consisted of facing every item that is misplaced in each of the aisles in the store, cleaning messes made by customers, keeping each aisles in orderly fashion, and ...
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What would motivate a psychology major to work at CVS as a Pharmacy Technician?

I decided to take up a job at CVS mostly because I am a pre-medical student, so it wasn't as much about my major as it was my career goals. But it's a well-paying job that is good exposure for anyone who wants to be in the pharmaceutical or medical field at large.
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What skills do I need as a Certified Pharmacy Tech at CVS?

The most important thing is to learn how to not get phazed- they will expect you to learn a lot very quickly, and you need to be sure that you stay focused and do not get overwhelmed. You will make mistakes. Possibly bad ones. You will deal with unkind customers. You need to learn how to make sur...
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What is the work-life balance for a CPhT at CVS?

I found excellent work-life balance. Once I was more senior at my store (about 8 months of working there) I was able to specifically request my exact schedule. I decided that as a full time student I only wanted to work on Saturdays, and my store let me do that. You can also request your shifts, ...
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What competencies do I need to do well during my Externship at CVS?

I believe the skills needed to succeed at the Externship is to have communication skills. You will be talking with your team constantly, ie- making sure the prescriptions are entered correctly, talking with customers, talking to insurance companies over the phone. The next skill I see that can be...
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How's the pay for an assistant manager at CVS retail?

Currently, CVS has raised their minimum wage of to $11.00 dollars an hours starting with Customer Service Representatives. For an Assistant Manager at CVS/Pharmacy, the expected compensation could range from $16.00 to $25.00 an hour which is paid on a bi-weekly bases.
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I heard CVS has very high expectations from its employees when it comes to customer service skills. Is this true?

Because CVS is mostly known for its customer service, you are expected to do their part in helping out each customer whether its busy or slow. You will most likely work together to finish tasks so playing your part is very important.
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What encouraged you to work at CVS? Do you think the company offers good learning experience?

What motivated me to work at CVS was the fact that I wanted to learn about all the aspects of healthcare one includes the pharmacy as my major is health care administration. I know I had to start somewhere to clerk cashier seemed like the way to go.
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How do I prepare for an interview for a Pharmacy Associate position at CVS Health?

Learn about the company mission statement and the values they list on their website. Place special emphasis on how you can relate to those values. In fact, this is my general first step to every interview ever. Pharmacy Associate is an internal title, meaning that you aren't hired into the pharma...
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What are CVS corporate values? Do they do a good job of upholding them?

CVS Pharmacy's stated company values are innovation, collaboration, caring, integrity, and accountability. I would honestly say, from my experience working for the company, we strive to uphold these values as best as we can and are always trying to improve ourselves to deliver a better experience...
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