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Movie Ranch Internship In The HollyWood Studio Zone!

Hi, you up-and-coming film industry pro!

We're ready to help you make your soft landing into the Los Angeles movie industry.

You get career guidance to get you on the right track.
You get real-life movie industry work training.
Work on media projects in an Airstream (if available) like Francis Ford Coppola's "silverfish" director's studio.
Thrive on a successful movie ranch used by major studios for big shows with international stars, most recently HBO, NCIS, WESTWORLD, LL COOL J, etc.
Enjoy break-time use of a refreshing swimming pool and hot tub, tetherball, soccer field, tipis, shuffleboard, walking and hiking areas, movie nights, and more.
Compensation MAY be offered to proven producers, including: housing, utilities, recommendation letters, job placement assistance, and off-hours resort access.

You do a reasonable number of hours of unpaid, professional-level, movie-related work per week.
We assign this work based on a match between what we need done and what you need to build your resume to present your best skills to the movie (or music) industries.
You'll learn to market film locations.
You'll work in a quiet, clean, family-friendly environment.
Work needed includes media marketing and promotion, networking, storyboarding, pre-visualization, animatics, animation, character design, green screen cinematography, steadicam mockups, reading scripts, audio editing, music performance, singing, arranging, new media programming, social media, youtube postings, whatever suits our needs and your talents and desires.
Once you're trained, there's a *possibility* of paid work.

You'll breathe fresh mountain air at ~2500 feet elevation.
You'll be as close to Hollywood as you can get and still breathe clean mountain air.
You will be working in the heart of Los Angeles County's movie ranch country, on Soledad Canyon, a road surrounded by movie ranches used by most major Hollywood film directors including Steven Spielberg, near the Disney Movie Ranch and the filming site for "The Revenant", NCIS, 24, and thousands of other film and television shoots.
Feast your eyes on the foothills of the magnificent Vasquez Rocks, featured in countless movies, such as FlintStones, Star Trek, and Clint Eastwood westerns.
Set your foot on the famous Pacific Crest Trail, featured in the recent Reese Witherspoon film: "Wild".
Walk 100 feet to explore the (sometimes flowing) Santa Clara River.
Walk next door to visit a private zoo owned by a movie star.
You'll be training in Los Angeles County, approximately 28 miles into the Angeles Forest, northeast of Burbank, close to Highway 14, on Soledad Canyon Road.
You will be IN THE ZONE (the TMZ, aka Thirty-Mile Zone centered in Hollywood, the epicenter of the global film-making industry).
Fly into the Burbank Airport.
You'll be a short ride to the commuter train stops at Via Princessa / Newhall Station, so you can go anywhere in Los Angeles without driving.
The closest towns are Acton (small/quaint) and Santa Clarita (major city).
On days off you can tour the Pacific Crest Trail and Los Angeles in general, including Universal Studios, The Griffith Observatory, The Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Santa Monica Pier, The Getty and other Museums, Magic Mountain, Disneyland, Knots Berry Farm, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

This internship is for clean, happy, positive, friendly, healthy, civilized people.
Come committed to stay out of debt, in good health, and drug-free.
No addictions, legal or illegal.
All access subject to reference checks.
Good hygiene and professional presentation are your tickets to success.
This is a no-profanity zone.
You'll be working around chaste women and children.
The premises must stay in good order and be available for showing to clients at all reasonable times.
No 'pigpens'. This is not a storage location.
This is a place on your journey, not your final destination.
This is not a hangout to play video games or watch TV. This is a place for workaholics driven to become their absolute best.
Our previous interns are attorneys general, multi-platinum selling music producers and writers, and top-grade movie professionals.
We work hard, long and fast and you will too if you stay here, whether you're working on our projects or yours.

No mayhem.
Any disturbance of the peace is grounds for immediate eviction.
All property must be left in the same condition as received. You break, you fix.
No establishment of residency. This is a 90 day arrangement until further arrangements are made.
You will not accrue any ownership in any property, intellectual or otherwise.
However, we will return the favor by consulting on your own projects, as time and reason allow.
Standard facility rules apply, for instance, 5mph speed limit on the ranch.
No pets inside any coach.
No smoking inside any coach.
Airstream means 'Airstream' or an equivalent or better make, such as an Avion. 4 such coaches are currently available.
All rights reserved. No liability assumed. No value assured.
Moviemaking equipment is only available in some coaches.
Organic garden is in progress. Don't plan to eat from it at this time.
Phone service is not guaranteed. Spring, MetroPCS, Boost, and -Mobile currently. Be prepared to configure your phone for wi-fi calling if your provider doesn't work here.
Free internet and a courtesy phone are usually available in the office.
The Los Angeles Amtrak passes occasionally within a few football fields of the usually quiet facility. So some use of fans and/or earplugs may be desirable.
This is a no fire zone. However, free barbecue grills and low-cost fire-rings are available.

Do you need a start in the Los Angeles movie or music business?

Speak with other people like you who are preparing for whatever the future might bring.

Get advice on how to permanently move to Los Angeles on your budget.

If you're nice, we'll arrange free initial consultations for you with a group of professionals, including screenwriters, special effects supervisors, actors, and sound supervisors, whose combined film credits exceed $19 billion in revenue -- films which have won many Academy Awards, Emmy's, and Golden Globes.
These professionals' credits include "24", "Pirates of The Caribbean", "Braveheart", and scores of other top films directed by James Cameron, Ron Howard, Michael Bay, etc.
Talk with these people who have projects globally distributed by every major international media company, including Universal, Sony, Paramount, Fox, Warner Brothers, and Disney.
You can meet them and make friends to help plan your career.

Between all of us, we speak English, Korean, and Spanish.

Let's get to work together.